Hi! I’m Chad, and I love movies.

Old movies, new movies, weird movies, scary movies, lovey dovey movies, Kurt Russell movies — I love ’em all. But my favorite is the kind of movie that puts a smile on your face. And that’s our focus here at Bower Productions — delivering memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives.

We have two cameramen at each wedding we shoot to ensure we get multiple angles of all the highlights. And we don’t charge by the hour — when we say full-day coverage, we mean we are there as early and as late as it takes to film the absolute best movie that we can make.

With each package that we offer, we provide you with two web videos that are published just days after the ceremony, while the wedding is still fresh in your friend’s and family’s minds. Why wait months to re-live your big day over and over again?

We also offer unique Blu-Ray and DVD discs catered to each couple, complete with box and disc art, dual compatibility, disc menus, and special features, like full versions of your ceremonies and toasts. And don’t worry about sharing — you’ll get several copies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seen any good movies lately?

Sure have! Feel free to shoot me a message about how whack my ratings are 🙂

How long have you been filming weddings?

I’ve been in the wedding business since 2011 and have been a full-time wedding videographer since 2015.

Who will be there on the wedding day?

Myself, for starters! I am the head videographer on every wedding that we cover. The cost of a second shooter is built into all of our packages, so you’ll always have two of us on the wedding day.

How many hours of coverage do we get?

We don’t like to count hours. With all of our packages, you’ll get two videographers who come in as early as needed — for a 7 p.m. reception, that’s usually between 1 and 2 p.m. — and stay until the very end of the reception.

How long does it take you to deliver?

Our web videos come with each package that we offer and are delivered in a matter of days. The first video is a teaser, and it covers the prep part of your day. You’ll get that on the Monday or Tuesday after your wedding, just as you’re kicking back and digging your feet in the sand at your honeymoon. Your other web video covers the ceremony and reception, and it’ll land in your email box within two weeks of your wedding day. Check the web videos out here!
For those who sign up for the Deluxe or Epic packages, you’ll get your Blu-Ray/DVDs within four months of the wedding day.
Nothing is more of a bummer than waiting a half a year for your movies. That’s why we work hard to deliver a perfect movie in a timely fashion. You’re going to be in a warm, cozy glow for days after you get hitched, and we find that’s the best time to start reliving the day all over again. And when you share it with friends, they’ll be just as excited and ready to watch.

Can we help choose our own music?

Certainly! We love getting input from our brides and grooms on the song selection. If there’s music that speaks to you, that feels perfect, of course we want to use it. It’s your film, after all!
All of our web videos use licensed music, so you’ll be able to share both of your web videos with all of your friends and family. We find most of our songs at The Music Bed and SongFreedom. Take a look around and see if there’s anything that you enjoy and let us know. We’ll chat and make sure it fits your wedding day.

What are the web videos?

Our web videos are our bread and butter. They’re the most fun to make and are perfect for sharing. Regardless of which package you choose, you’ll be getting two web videos: one that covers the prep part of the day, and the other that covers the ceremony and reception.
The prep video is something unique that we offer, and it shows off you and your bridal party getting ready. They’re usually my most viewed and loved videos. They’re a favorite of my brides. It also builds anticipation for the next video, which features all the fun stuff — the processional, vows, dances, tosses, exit, all that and more. We deliver the prep video in 72 hours and the full-day video in two weeks, so you get to enjoy them while everything’s fresh in your mind.
You can see some of our fun web videos here: http://www.bowerproductions.com/videos.

What are the “Full Ceremony,” “Full Dances,” and “Full Reception” cuts?

Our highlight movies are a lot of fun, but we also want you to be able to experience the day as it actually happened. That’s why with each package that we offer, we make sure that you get full, edited versions of the biggest parts of the day.
The “Full Ceremony” cut is the entirety of the ceremony. They average an hour for most church weddings and 20 to 30 minutes for outdoor weddings. The “Full Ceremony” cut begins with the start of the processional and ends with the two of you walking back down the aisle, hand in hand. We use four cameras and as many as four different audio sources, so it’ll feel dynamic and kinetic, and you’ll be able to hear the vows, readings and all the music. Wedding days go by in a flash; this lets you re-live it as it actually happened.

The “Full Dances” cut is similar to the “Full Ceremony” cut. You’ll be able to rewatch the first dance as well as the father-daughter and mother-son dances. And we make sure to use several different audio sources to get a clean feed of the band’s performance.

The “Full Reception” cut is offered in our premiere Epic Package. This is especially cool. You’ll have an entire, edited cut of the reception — the cake cuts, the tosses, the exits, and of course all the fun, chaotic dancing in between.

Do you offer photo + video packages?

While I do offer still photography packages, I don’t offer packages that include both photo and video. I don’t want to sacrifice quality for anything, and after filming over 100 weddings, I know that in order to make the best possible film, you cannot juggle both photography and filmmaking.
I do have a few photographers I can heartily recommend: Secondline Photography, Lauren Carroll Photography, GK Photography, Studio Tran and Sison Photography

Are you LGBT friendly?

Definitely! Shoot us a message and we can send you some of our work!