Dining at Mosca's Restaurant

Mosca's Restaurant is a decidedly old school restaurant with family-sized servings and an authentic Italian style.

But most importantly, it's tasty. Really, really tasty.

On the menu tonight -- Shrimp Mosca, Oyster Mosca and Chicken a La Grande. Three signature dishes that taste as good as they look.

Click here to learn more about Mosca's. It's a decent ride, but it's every bit worth it.

Chicken a La Grande at Mosca's Restaurant

Oysters Mosca at Mosca's Restaurant

Shrimp Mosca at Mosca's Restaurant

Shrimp Mosca at Mosca's Restaurant

Shrimp Mosca at Mosca's Restaurant

"Mac-ah-rohn-a and cheesah" at Rocky & Carlo's

We all know about how great Rocky & Carlo's macaroni and cheese is in Chalmette. It's maybe the best in the area, the kind of dish people lined up around the block for when it reopened last year following a fire. 

But forget about all that. Can we talk about cook Tommy Tommaseo's accent?

It's sublime. I can hardly understand it at parts, but it's a pitch-perfect Italian voice, like something out of a 1960s movie. "Mac-ah-rohn-a" and the "cheesah." "Spaghettay." "Buhtter." It's really hard to not to smile when listening to him speak.

As for the dish itself, what is there to say? It's creamy with that amazing crust on top. There's a ridonkulous amount of cheese smothered inside. Butter flowing on top. Definitely worth the trip down to Chalmette.

So check out the video below and see How It's Done: