John Curtis, football powerhouse

J.T. Curtis runs a tight ship. You don't need to look at the 25 state championships and over 500 wins to know that, though it certainly fleshes out the legacy of what has become one of the most successful high school football programs in the country.

No, all you need is to spend five minutes at practice in River Ridge to see how well-tuned of a machine this dominant team is.

When you see J.T. Curtis -- now in his 44th year as head coach -- out on the field, you see how in control he is. He knows where each player is and what each unit needs to work on for the upcoming game. At one point he handed me a sheet of paper with the schedule meticulously drawn out on it. But it was quickly obvious that he needed no guide; he knew exactly when and what was planned, all in his head.

That kind of leadership is to be expected from a man who's just the second person to eclipse 500 wins at the high school level. And you can see in the video below just how he does it in this week's How It's Done.