Each week Jesuit brings the cheer

It's not often you get to visit your alma mater for an assignment, so it was a pleasure when I spent an afternoon on Banks Street with Brother William Dardis for a How It's Done segment.

Brother Dardis has ran the cheerleading squad since the '70s, back before girls were allowed on the team. During practice he explained just how much the sport has changed -- now the boys are lifting weights and there's an involved process for picking girl cheerleaders -- but he stressed that he doesn't get hung up on the competitive scene that has exploded since "Bring It On" hit theaters over 10 years ago.

What Brother Dardis is worried about is winning football games, and he knows that an enthusiastic crowd is integral to that. So he stresses his practice to get as much enthusiasm out his girls as possible, and judging by the video below, he does a very good job at that.