Day in the life of a Purple Knight

One of the perks of my day job at WWL-TV is filming the How It’s Done series. Each video is a look at whatever food or product a particular business does. We try to pick only ones that are quintessentially Louisiana, like Pascal Manale’s barbecue shrimp, Crystal Hot Sauce, Zapp’s Chips -- things that remind you of our home base New Orleans.

This week I had a whole ‘nother experience, the famed St. Aug. Marching 100.

Without a doubt this was the loudest How It’s Done video I’ve shot so far. I’m talking dozens and dozens of trumpets and cymbals indoors going off at Mardi Gras volume. Band directors shouting out orders two feet from my ear. I think at one point there must have been a tuba on my face.

And they sounded great. But that’s to be expected. The Marching 100 always does. They even played one of the songs you’ll likely hear this Carnival -- fun.’s “We Are Young.” Watch it in the video below.

But what I really noticed was how on-point these kids were. They were immaculately well behaved. When the director said to shut up, they shut up. When he said play, they played. When he said march, they marched. There was no horsing around. Just business.

Next week we get back to the kitchen to shoot Rocky and Carlo’s macaroni cheese. Or, as the super Italian cook put it: “Ah-mac-ah-roana and cheez-ah.”

Stay tuned!